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                                  Introducing                   HXD

                                  high definition               A unique decoration method that gives an
                                                                added dimension to your logo, by making it
                                  decoration                    stand out subtly on the apparel surface.
                                                                • Unique decoration method
                                                                • Add dimension to a logo
                                                                • Perceived value of Embroidery combined with
                                                                colour range and detail of True Edge Transfer
                                                                • Durable
                                                                • Available for a wide range of garments
                                                                • Max print area: 100 x 75 mm

        EMBROIDERY                      LASER ENGRAVING               INFUSION™
        With thread colours to          Laser can be applied at       Infuses your logo into the fabric creating an
        match any logo, embroidery      virtually any location.       untouchable decoration with razor sharp detail.
        is always a popular choice.     • Smooth, glossy finish       • Razor sharp with higher resolution
        • Classic look                  • Unlimited washability       • Offers a comfortable, breathable decoration
        • Up to 12 colours per embroidery  • Best on mid-range colours  • Untouchable
        • Perfect for left/right chest and left/                      • Offers unlimited colours for one set up
        right bicep
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