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INTRO                                                                                              UK

                                                  Dear Partners,
                                                  Dear Clients,

                                                  The start of this new year is the perfect opportunity to thank you for the amazing loyalty you have
                                                  demonstrated for over 25 years. We are proud to be fully committed to working with you every day,
                                                  offering increasingly innovative, high quality, customisable products in line with your marketing needs
                                                  to help you meet your customers’ demands.
                                                  This is exactly what lies behind the ANYWEAR by SOL’S concept: enabling you to meet all your
                                                  customers’ expectations by providing an extensive and wide range of products as well as a proactive
                                                  logistics service. This concept applies to promotions or events as well as the branding, souvenirs,
                                                  corporate, sports and e-commerce markets.

                                                  For 2018, the ANYWEAR by SOL’S collection offers 444 products and 12,551 items, with the ad-
                                                  dition of a further 53 new items all Designed in Paris. Our textiles & bags offer is expanding to offer
                                                  the right product at the right time, whatever your business and market: an extensive denim offer, new
                                                  heather colours and stripes for on-trend customers, and classic T-shirts and polo shirts in a long-slee-
                                                  ved version for the more traditional client. We have also expanded our sweatshirts range as well as our
                                                  Outdoor collection, with new jackets and parkas.

                                                  Ever since its inception, our business has been committed to very strong values on a social and en-
                                                  vironmental level. We are a FAIR SPIRIT company, and always will be. In 2017, we were proud and
                                                  delighted not only to have our ISO 9001: 2015 ‘Quality Management’ certifi cation renewed, in an
                                                  even more stringent version, but also to receive ISO 50001: 2011 ‘Energy Management’ certifi cation
                                                  in recognition of our efforts in managing direct energy and recycling. We think that safeguarding our
                                                  planet is high on your list of priorities – yet another reason to choose SOL’S.

                                                  In 2018, the entire SOL’S team would like to join me once again in helping your company grow and
                                                  sharing your successes. We wish you a fruitful, innovative and socially responsible new year.

                                                  Yours sincerely,
                                                  Alain MILGROM

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